What I have to do? – 2019.07.10

What I have to do? – 2019.07.10

Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?
Luke 18:18

One of the richest and most leading men at Jesus times asked the Master – actually he asked this question for many, for us today too: How do I receive eternal life? How do I escape hell and get into heaven, be able to stand before the judge, receive peace with God, forgiveness for all my guilt? And how find I meaning and purpose for my life?
Everyone has their own questions but one truth connects them all: A life without true answers is hardly worth living. How do I receive a new life in harmony with God?
This respected man was sure that he had kept all commandments. He considered himself pious, religious, and ecclesiastical. He was probably also a good father and a without blame at his work. But in the end he felt exactly: This was not sufficient for God and also not for himself. Often the richest and most educated people commit suicide because they lack the most important thing that alone can provide comfort.
What must I do to achieve a change? Especially people who can not stand their emptiness and suffer from addiction urgently need an answer to this vital question. What can I do? Jesus says: Just going to church is not enough, I want to dwell in your heart! Then He continues to say: Say goodbye to all what is separating you from Me! Say also goodbye to your own efforts and achievements. Become a child of God and receive all as a gift.
Children are still able to trust, are happy to accept gifts without having compulsory thoughts or any bad conscience. Be like a child and understand what it means when a promissory note is torn, and your sins are forgiven, so that you are free from bad conscience and have peace again, a cheerfulness without effort.
Receive this redemption as a gift from Jesus! Confess your sins and accept His deliverence, purification, and salvation. Then you are living in harmony with God. Please trust Him!

Thank You, Jesus! You gave me redemption, forgiveness and salvation! You have reconciled me to God, have made me His child! Jesus, You are the Holy One, the true Christ, the Messiah, the Redeemer, my Prince of Peace!

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