What You believe … – 2019.12.24

What You believe … – 2019.12.24

“… What you believe will be done for you.”
Matthew 8:13

Faith is a strange thing. He can move mountains, but also absolutely nothing can happen …. depending on what we believe. So it says Jesus.
“Faith” certainly does not mean our certain theological opinions, but that upon which we rely firmly. Little children rely on their Mom, they firmly believe in her. A husband trusts his wife, that’s why they get married. And how do we believe in Jesus? It is shown in the small and little things. When I have lost something, do I ask Him? Or do I use my “discovery skills” and nervously search the thing for hours? When I’m sick, do I look for Him and ask Him for healing? When I got lost, stand in a traffic jam or when I have missed the bus: Do I have to take care of everything myself or do I trust Him that He makes it good?
Faith in special everyday affairs is like a small, delicate plant. The daughter had once weeded the flower, but we did not find the flowers, but a lot of weed … She meant it well, but pulled out the right plants and maintained and watered the wrong plants, the weeds. Sometimes we proceed like this in our hearts: That what the Spirit of God puts in, we quickly tear out with our doubts. And the destructive thoughts of the enemy, the father of lies, we cherish and deal with it.
My Little was now sick for a few days and no medicine seemed to work properly. Of course, I prayed and got the assurance that it will be good. I was happy and relied on it. I wanted to allow no doubt, although there was nothing to see of healing. And yet I could praise Jesus from the heart and thank Him. He did His work, and the next day my son felt much better. This faith God himself puts in our hearts; – We can not produce it, the attempt often ends in spasm and fight.
Please, check you and your thoughts! Don’t pluck the small plantlets of faith and nourish the doubts! Jesus says: If you believe (or if you allow that God gives you faith for something and if you accept it), then you will see miracles!

Thank You, Jesus, You yourself give me faith and trust! I can not produce it myself, but I can count on You. Yes, You are my wonderful Lord, I can fully trust.

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