Where is a God like You? – 2016.06.29

Where is a God like You? – 2016.06.29

Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived,
no eye has seen any God besides You,
who does good to those who wait for Him.
Isaiah 64:4

Our God is Lord of lords cannot be compared with other gods. He alone is merciful, forgives unconditionally. He is close to His children, consoles, encourages, gives every reason for joy, He guarantees peace and helps also in little things the whole day through. He is a wonderful God who never will ask us whether we can repay. He gives and gives…
How many people think, that they have to work of their debt, that they have to do good deeds to balance out the bad. So many people strive to please God. Terrible!
Our Lord is merciful, gracious, and full of love. He does not count debt and failures against us. He forgets when we repent. Where is such a merciful Father and God? He is the only God, Father of Jesus!
And as the Father is, so is Jesus, His Son: Full of mercy, love, patience, gentleness, kindness, holiness, forgiveness, peace, joy. We fully can entrust Him our life. He is our Provider. This day is His day where He reigns. We will praise and thank Him.  We will count on Him in great and small matters for He likes to help. Intentionally we steadily want to look at Him, be attracted by His gentleness and thank Him for all. He is good to me during my whole life. How often He blessed me in small and large matters. He did it because He loves me and is my Father. Yes, I reckon with Him today, tomorrow and always. So I can boldly go in the day: He is there who does good to me. The best is still to come when the Lord will welcome us in heaven. Then there will be a festival of joy. All our desires will be fulfilled. We will sing, dance and laugh. Yes, the Lord will come soon! I long for Him and His glorious presence.

Thank You, Jesus, that You love me so much! It is unmerited grace, Your gift. How good You are to me! Each day You protect me, are near by me and help me the whole day through. Where is a God like You!

Bible reading today: Hebrew 12: 1-12

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