Who is a God like You? – 2019.05.19

Who is a God like You? – 2019.05.19

Who is a God like You,
who pardons sin and forgives
the transgression? …
He does not stay angry for ever
but delights to show mercy.
He will have again compassion with us;
He will tread our sins underfoot
and hurl all our iniquities into the depth of the sea.
Micha 7: 18f

What a wonderful God we have! He shows mercy even when there are enough reason to be angry.. He shatters our guilt, throwing it into the sea where it is deepest and forgets all! What a God, what a love!
How great His grace for us is! Unmerited grace and love!  How should we earn it?  We only earn eternal punishment. Therefore we are really happy about the forgiveness that Jesus bought for us on the cross. And if this gift seems to be too great for us, if we can not believe it, then He wants to send us His spirit who helps us to accept it.
So often the enemy wants to remind me of my sins, rubs them under my nose. But I know, God has forgiven and forgotten! He has released me from guilt. So I make sure, that I myself will not blame me, will forget my trespasses that they do not hurt me anymore. As mentioned above it is the Holy Spirit, poured into my heart, who helps me thereby. He makes it true that I really can forget, can rejoice, feel released from the yoke.
Hallelujah, there is peace in me with God! He makes every harm well again. It does not work if I try to do it myself. I was recently really unkindly to somesome, very cynical. Only with the help of Jesus atonement was possible. Nobody should be harmed by us.

Jesus, sometimes old evil memories still plage, embarrass,  and hurt me. Release me of them! Help me to receive Your forgiveness, Your redemption help me to believe!  Your spirit can make me happy again! Thank You!

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