Who is Jesus?  –  2019.11.27

Who is Jesus?  –  2019.11.27

John the Baptist had asked Jesus by His disciples:
Are You the one who is to come, or should we expect someone else?
Luke 7:19

Although God had confirmed His Son so strongly towards John after the baptism, he still had to ask: Are You the one, or not? Obviously John the Baptist had been in a very insecure, desperate state in his prison cell. His ideas about Jesus had apparently wavered.
Today it is not different. We too are in a “prison” and even want Jesus to follow our ideas. There are people who say He is not healing anymore.  Miracles were only possible and necessary at that time. Others are of the opinion that today we are redeemed through sermons only , not through signs and wonders. They have all their private ideas about Jesus. He is really far more than we can imagine!
What about us, do we have a problem with Jesus, take offense at Him? Do we really receive Him as He is? Or are we bound by own teachings, influenced by personal injuries, lost in darkness. Oh, He is so much different as we think!
Many times I myself had to correct my picture of Jesus which I love to do for Him. We always are inclined to understand Jesus through religious teachings, really funny! It is so simple, you know: My Father is my Father! There is no need for further theological explanations, scientific investigations. It is a matter of heart. When the disciples of John the Baptist asked Jesus: “Are You the one?” the Son of God did not reply with a sermon or gave proofs. He just pointed to the visible miracles: The sick were healed, the dead are raised, and the good news are proclaimed to the poor. These signs of power of His Master were him answer enough, soothed him.
When we want to know whether Jesus is really the Lord, the Redeemer, and Savior then we should do that with all of our heart in great passion and trust, in total dedication, with open ears for His reply. He, himself, will help us thereby, will not keep silent. He does that still today, will touch us with His presence, not so much through theological teachings. Please trust Him more then any religious logic or any impressive rhetoric.

J​e​sus, You are wonderful! How good, that I was allowed to meet You in person. How soothing it is to live with ​Y​ou. Lord, I love You so much!

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