But if any of you lack wisdom, you should pray to God, who will give it to you; because God gives generously and graciously to all.
James 1, 5

There are apparently so many unsolvable problems, not only in the world, in business and politics, but also in our lives. God wants to stand by our side. He wants to give us wisdom to solve problems as He likes it. No problem is too small for Him. We do not need to expect complaining when we bring Him our small everyday things. And as well no problem is too big for Him – He, our Father, really stands above all things. We only need to take time to seek Him and wait for a reply, like many generations have done before us. And we must have the courage to do God’s solution. Sometimes it just goes against our pride. But if we make use of God’s wisdom, His peace will fill our hearts and He will give us the strength to do His will. Let us begin to seek His wisdom in small things, then we are prepared for bigger difficulties. He, our Father, does not expect perfect children, but He wants children who trust Him and learn from Him.

Thank You, Father, that You like to give everything what we need. We do not need to beg and to make big speaches; we just need to trust in You. Thank You, You give us wisdom to master the day and You will stand by our side. You are the God of vicinity!

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