Without Anger and Bitterness

Without Anger and Bitterness

Don’t let the sun set on your anger. Don’t provide an opportunity for the devil.
Ephesians 4, 26f

It is frightening when some people give free rein to their bitterness. Then the evil, bitter words simply gush way out of their mouth and heart. And the water that gushes out of it, is like the source it comes from. Words speak out what the heart is full of. No, it’s really terrible what is in some hearts! How should such people be happy and satisfied? Therefore, pay attention to your heart, that it does not become bitter!
It is very important to God that we bury our anger in the evening. He knows, sometimes there is reason to be angry. But He also knows that this anger can poison us. Therefore, we should cleanse ourselves of it in the evening and forgive our neighbor. Then He can forgive US and blesses us with a good night’s sleep and the next morning we wake up free from all evil. And if we have an argument in the evening, we should apologize for our part in the dispute; – Even if we only have a very, very small debt. This makes us humble; – And God is near to the humble, but of the proud who can not apologize, He is far away.
Anger at injustice makes me bitter. The devil takes his chance and constantly reminds us that we constantly remain angry. Because an angry person can not glorify God or pray or sing to Him. No, we do not want to give the enemy this chance! He should not spoil our life!
Angry, bitter people rarely have good community with others. They quickly find a mistake and can not forgive and overlook it. But people whose heart is purified, see the good in side of people and give them courage. Therefore, carefree people are much more popular!
How should we build a community with bitter people? No, we will not give the devil space! But we will act, think and pray, as the Spirit of God wants it and as Jesus has showed us. Then He has space in us, and the source of our words will be He Himself. Healthy, clear, life-giving water should come from our hearts!

Jesus, You are my good Lord! Please cleanse me from all bitterness. I will constantly forgive others that You have room in me. Thank You for Your peace that You put into my heart. Thank You for Your life-giving words that I can speak. Thank You for reigning in me!

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