Women in the Bible ​ – 2019.07.24​

Women in the Bible ​ – 2019.07.24​

The genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the Son of David….
Matthew 1:1

Jesus has a genealogical tree as many Israelites who attach great importance to it. They know their ancestors well. The family tree of Jesus goes back to Abraham and David. Jesus was God and man at the same time.
In the pedigree of Jesus 5 women are mentioned: Tamar, the daughter in law of Judas and mother of Perez, Rahab, the woman of Jericho, Ruth the Moabite, Batseba, the mother of Salomon and the original wife of the Hetiter Urija, and finally Maria who gave birth to Jesus.
The Bible does not put woman under man as often one has unfortunately misinterpreted. She is highly respected and esteemed by Jesus and His Father. God created man as male and female loving both in the same way. If He would not love the woman, you precious child of God would never have come into this world as a woman. He did so to make His creation perfect so that also the woman reflects His glory. How imperfect the world would be without the woman!
God, however, does not want females to be like men. He hates masculinization, as well as the battle of the sexes. The Gender theses are mere works of the enemy. As God respects man and woman alike all emancipatory efforts are totally superfluous.
Again, dear women, the Bible gives you the highest esteem! God had created you with the utmost love and gives you all His trust! There is no inferiority, only esteem and honor!
Yes, God`creation ist perfect! He does not want the mankind to be alone! Man and woman become one flesh. In His own image He created them.
How glorious our Lord is! Read the whole Bible which reported of many glorious deeds of brave and wise women in the power of the Lord besides those of men and of the churches in general.

Thank You, Jesus, You are great and wonderful! How strong and loving You appreciate the women! You give them their place in the Kingdom of God. Thank You for Your perfect creation, for Your love! I appreciate that all with adoration.

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