Word about Corona  –  2020.04.18

Word about Corona  –  2020.04.18

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.
Exodus 14, 14

The situation at that time was terrible for the people of Israel. Before him the sea and behind him the army of the Egyptians; – no way out. They cried out to the LORD, and He promised salvation and a way out where no one could see Him. HE parted the Red Sea and Israel passed through with dry feet. But the Egyptians were drowned.
I am not a prophet, I rarely know what God wants to say about a particular situation. And then I do not know if it is only my thoughts or if it is really God’s word. In the future it will become apparent. But in me a great certainty and joy spreads out when God speaks. And I am filled with gratitude when I hold on to His word. That is how it was today, when I prayed.
I saw in my mind’s eye a big hot-air balloon that represented the epidemic. And then it got a hole and the hot air escaped and it collapsed and only a small pile remained. Then I knew God would intervene and this virus would suddenly disappear. It will not be long now, it will happen soon. That is why I am so happy and grateful, almost excited. I don’t know how God will do it, there will be no explanation.
Unfortunately, among God’s people, only some have understood the teaching that God has for us: silence, reading the Bible, prayer, fasting, trust. Only a few have taken advantage of the silence and isolation. Many have prayed aloud and commanded the virus, but it was too early and so nothing happened. We should first listen to God and then command aloud.
God will give us a second chance to learn. This will unfortunately be worse than this epidemic.
But now let us change our prayer and let us become cheerful and be thankful. We want to praise Him loudly for His salvation, even if we do not see it yet. But God keeps His word. Yes, let us praise God, our wonderful Lord!

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, ​Y​ou are the victor over hell, death and devil! Thank ​Y​ou, ​Y​ou are breaking the power of the virus! Thank ​Y​ou, ​Y​ou are my protector, my hero, my savior and my heroine!

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