Wordless prayer – 2020.01.24

Wordless prayer – 2020.01.24

We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.
Romans 8:26

So many books have been written about prayer, and yet everyone has to find his own style of prayer. I have noticed how my way of praying has evolved over time. From the selfish: HEAR me Lord, I need this, or give me that! – to intercession and then even further on through a prayer language to “sighing”.
Recently I have noticed more and more often that I am no longer praying concretely, but that I am with Him and only need to say: O Lord! – or: Oh Jesus!
This prayer is a deep communion with my LORD. I adore Him, but no longer with words. I pour out my heart to Him, but again, no longer with words. When I am alone with Him in this way, tears often flow, so intense is the communion. And I know myself to be one with Him. This prayer is beautiful, sometimes I don’t want to interrupt it. Even when there are urgent prayer requests, sometimes I am at a loss for words. And yet I know that HE hears me, He listens, and it will be good. Such prayer is beautiful.
I am glad that the Lord understands me, even without words. I am happy when the LORD speaks to me in the spirit and makes things clear. I am happy when I really get rid of my worries and know that HE cares. I am happy when I can entrust people to Him and know that He will look after them well.
My praise and thanks have become silent. But very, very deep. How good that the Holy Spirit brings my prayers before God like incense and it is a pleasant gift. He understands, He loves it, He acts!
I know that my prayer is as God wants it to be, because the Holy Spirit Himself speaks it. Therefore I can expect great things from God. And He steps up to the challenge! Oh, what more do I want? It’s so good to spend time with Him! You can’t spend your time in a more blessed way than this. He’s here, that’s good!!! And He has even more for me! The road is not finished yet!

Thank You Father in Heaven, ​Y​ou hear prayer! You are with me when I talk to You and pay close attention to my prayer. Who am I that You should pay such attention to me? Yes, it is because of Your great love and because of Jesus. Thank You, Father.

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