Words of life  –  2020.02.21

Words of life  –  2020.02.21

Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life.
John 6:68

Peter recognized it: Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to God, only through Jesus.
You cannot quench your thirst anywhere else. One can find self-pity, esoteric wisdom, religious feelings, self-affirmation and the fulfilment of one’s urges, but real life, harmony with the Creator, not be found anywhere but with Jesus. HE is the way.
When times are hard, He is close to me. Then we sit together at the stove or drive in the car, and we talk. I can pour out my heart to Him, and He speaks into my thoughts, or reminds me of Bible verses. This fellowship is beautiful, intimate, confidential. I never want to lose it again.
Some people have beautiful cars, houses and all the luxuries. But I have Him, my LORD. Others brag about their wives and their money. But I am proud that HE has chosen me; – HE loves me! Some people go home after a party and hang themselves. And I am happy with my LORD. Others search and search and search. And I have found. Some cannot or will not understand. But it is so simple that even I can understand: HE has the words of life.
Yes, when He speaks into my situation, everything changes. Then light comes into the darkness! His words really are life, they bring about life, they are alive!
No other God can do that. Everything is only cult and ritual. But Jesus is alive, He can speak, I just have to take the time to listen!
Even when I intercede for other people, He speaks to me. He shows me how He sees people and gives me ideas on how to pray. Then when I speak His word, miracles happen. That makes me so happy!
In North Korea and elsewhere, Christians die for their faith. They cannot deny their Lord. And HE helps them in their difficult times. What about us? We decide everything as we see fit and according to what is best for us. Is that why our Christianity is so sapless, weak and meaningless?

Jesus, thank You for the words You put in my heart. They are alive and bring about life. You are good!!

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