Words of life –  2020.08.15

Words of life –  2020.08.15

„… Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.​”​
John 6, 68

Sometimes I am in a meeting where there are many pious, wise words. One knows better than the other. But there is no life, I’m afraid. Everything is so theoretical, so well thought out, so thoroughly theological, so right, but also so dead. There is no life. It’s all pious and hypocritical. Pious, nice songs, heartfelt prayers, maybe a choir, Bible verses and everything but no life.
Life means change, growing, maturing, new life is born ….. And there everything remains as it is, no growing, no maturing of character, only of knowledge …… Boring and certainly no help to cope with this life.
Sometimes I get e-mails from such brothers. According to their understanding my teaching is wrong. And they write me pages and pages of bible verses to support their view. I don’t even like such paragraph stallions. It takes so much energy to answer and it is useless. Now sometimes there are different interpretations of a verse and we will know in heaven who is right. Mostly they are not so important verses, we always agree on the really important things – how good!
Jesus creates new life, in me and through him. HE speaks to me, through the Bible, the brothers, prayer. His word is always positive, life-changing, it always changes the situation. It is like dynamite, power and energy.
I need this living Word of Jesus so that I can master the day and life, so that my faith remains alive. I seek Him and His Word in prayer and in the Bible. I take my time for this (I don’t need TV or Facebook all the time. But I need His Word all the time!)
So I seek fellowship with Christians who are alive, not dead circles or churches. Only tradition kills the word of Jesus! But living fellowship is refreshing, encouraging, gives joy and courage, carries even in difficult times, prays for each other and for others, grows, is attractive to non-believers and is a real enrichment and not a burden on our lives.

Thank ​Y​ou Jesus, for ​Y​our church! It is where the believers, the living, come together! There Your Word comes alive and I thrive! Thank You, You are there and make Your Word come true! Thank ​Y​ou!

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