Worship as lifestyle – 2019.09.19

Worship as lifestyle – 2019.09.19

Praise the Lord, my soul,
and all in me His holy name!
Psalm 103, 1

When God created man, He endowed him with a longing for perfection and harmony – and with a longing for a partner, for God. Everything else that supposedly satisfies our hunger for it is not really worth anything, it is shadows, one chases after a mirage, an illusion.
Only in God does my soul really come to rest, only in Him do I find what I really seek. Only with Him am I boundlessly happy!
One way to God is praise. He made me so that I like to look up to something higher, find refuge there, and use my life for it. That is why praise is so important to me, it is my deepest need.
Psalm 22 says that God sets His throne above our praise. He feels well where we praise, – there He becomes active. And we feel well and become active when we praise Him. It is an interaction. We praise and HE reacts with love and closeness. How many problems have already been solved in praise, how many sick people have been healed in the time of praise, how a life changes through praise and thanksgiving, from a grim beard to a cheerful person!
Praise is a way of life. Get up in the morning and don’t grumble, but thank God for the day and God’s help. At noon not complaining about the potatoes, but thanking God for the vegetables. In the evening not complaining, but thanking God for the help during the day, and that we are still alive…. There is much reason to complain, but much more to thank! He is still Lord!
Grateful people are very attractive for others. They are cheerful and look carefree. They have a pole of peace. Other people long for it and we attract them like light attracts moths. Jesus was such an attractive person.
Throw away all your guides on how to become a happy person and start praising Him, being grateful to Him. Depression fades, insomnia is defeated and joy sets in. For God is still Lord!

Thank You for this new lifestyle! You are Lord, ​Y​ou love me, ​Y​ou care about me! You are wonderful, You are my goal, my life, all my happiness! How good that You found me, accepted me and that I am Your child! Thank You!

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