Worship God alone!  –  2020.08.12

Worship God alone!  –  2020.08.12

Worship the Lord your God alone, and serve Him only!
Matthew 4:10

Sometimes believers wonder if they should worship God or Christ. The answer is clear: We should worship God alone and serve Him only! But what about Jesus?
Within the Trinity God is Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. In the old testament Jesus, the way to the Father, has not yet been revealed openly, was present only in a hidden form. The Israelites worship  the Father alone. It was only with the resurrection that Christians began to worship Jesus. There was no conflict as to wether they worship God or His Son Jesus. On the contrary God is happy when He is called upon in the name of Jesus, when we trust and thank His Son, tell Him all our needs. Only through the Son the Father is honored. They worked together, are related closely to each other from the very beginning. And of course the Holy Spirit belongs to the Trinity. Nowhere in the Bible we are asked to pray to Him but to pray in His power. Jesus has announced Him to us as Helper, nothing else, who leads us in all truth. In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit only worked here and then. It was only at Pentecost that the Holy Spirit took up residence in us to guide us from then on in all our activities on this earth. In this way we pray to the Father, through His Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. We kneel before them, not before angels.
In no way we should pray to human beings, dead or alive, to princes of this world. That is idolatry. Glory is due to God alone. There is no 4th person, however much he will glorify himself as advocate and advisor! Our Father is a jealous God who makes sure that we give glory to Him alone.

Thank You, Jesus, You have revealed to us God. You have brought us near to Him through You , have sent us the Holy Spirit. Now we know how to pray, to penetrate to God in prayer and count on answers. Thank You for that. Thank You for Your love, mercy and forgiveness.

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