You are my father

You are my father

My faithfulness and my loyal love will be with him.
He will be strengthened by my name.
He will cry out to me:
“You are my father, my God, the rock of my salvation.”
Psalms 89, 24.26

Do you feel overwhelmed by your work and stress? Then lift up your head! Your help is near!
Did you fall in sin and guilt? Then lift up your head, the redeemer is there!
Nobody likes you, nobody needs you? Then lift up your head, He loves you more than anybody else.
Do you have any quarrel? Then lift up your head! Your assistance is at your side!
Are you discouraged and disappointed? Then lift up your head! Your comforter is waiting for you.
Sometimes my kids are tired and exhausted. Very often they are near to tears. But at their dad they find peace and encouragement. And after some time, they lift up their heads again. Sometimes they argue with other children. But when their daddy comes, they feel strong again and raise their heads and gab. So we have our heavenly Father: His faithfulness and His loyal love go with me. He embraces and comforts me. And in His name I bravely lift up my head. He is my God, the rock of my salvation!

Thank You Father, always and everywhere You are with me. You are my comforter and encourager, my Creator and Sustainer. I will keep my tail up and lift up my head in Your name and will move forward courageously.

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