You are wanted  –  2021.04.12

You are wanted  –  2021.04.12

The Word of the Lord:
Before I formed you in the womb​,​ I knew you,
before you were born,​ ​I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.
Jeremiah 1:5

I find this to be one of the most beautiful facts – that God knew and wanted not only Jeremiah, but also me and you before creation. And He has great plans for us! HE knew what He was making us to be, where our place would be. We don’t just live along, and if we are lucky, we find our place. No, God directs and steers, although we are not puppets without will either. It is hard to understand this interplay of God’s will, predestination and our own will. But be sure: God takes everything into account in such a way that He never uses coercion, and we never have to obey unconditionally and slavishly.
Before Jesus came into the world to die on the cross, He knew me. And that is why He came! Because He loves me so much, to pay the ransom that freed me from the darkness.
Be sure, your life also has a goal, a plan with God and you are very, very much wanted by Him. He is so happy to have you and wishes you all the best with all his heart. Like a real human father, He sometimes weeps over His children when they go their own way and then fall flat on their faces. He knew it at creation already, before birth. And yet He said yes to this child. He wanted it absolutely. How great the love of this Heavenly Father must be!
And be sure, He will put you in the place where you are right. Happy is the one who has found that place! Unfortunately, some people take many detours before they listen to God. But even that is part of His plan and He uses it to shape man, i.e. to bring him into the form that pleases Him and is necessary for the place he is to be.
Don’t be sad if you haven’t found that place yet. He is still working with you. But make yourself consciously available to Him again and again and sacrifice all egoistic wishes and ideas to Him. He is God, we should listen to Him! Because He loves us so much!

Thank You, Father in Heaven, for loving me so much!!! Thank You, You created me because You wanted me! You have good intentions for me, and together You and I will make it! You are wonderful!!!

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