Your Goodness – 2015.06.12

Your Goodness – 2015.06.12

How great is the goodness that you’ve reserved for those who honor you.

Psalms 31:19

How good is it to praise the Lord and to have fellowship with Him early in the morning. There are many things that will trouble us, but in His presence, the heart can come to rest. His goodness is palpable! His peace should rule the day. How well, HE is the master! The enemy may still rage and give us difficulties: HE has the last word.
This silence with Him in the morning is like breakfast. It makes the soul sick. It equips us for the day. We are goal-orientated again and turn our gaze to the essentials and do not let us confuse.
At His side, I can tackle my job well. He will help me and give wisdom and mercy. It may be that I make mistakes, but He’s there, my Savior and Helper!
Yes, he keeps His goodness ready for me and I will take it. I want to bath in His goodness and it shall saturate me, like a sponge absorbs water. And is the Sponge full of water, so it drips out everywhere:Just like this His goodness shall drop out of my life and give life and mercy today.
His goodness keeps me. Others may wish me evil, but He did not. He looks at me with loving eyes. He does not charge the evil. He is friendly, does not hold grudges, always hopes for good and gives me courage every morning.
Yes, it is good to seek the Lord early and get filled with His goodness. Then cheers and joy arrives. How well He is there!!
Thank You Heavenly Father, You are so close to me! There is no judgment, but only goodness, forgiveness, mercy, and new joy. Help me to preserve this confidence through the day and to distribute goodness by myself. Yes Father, You are kind to me!

Bible reading today: ​
7, 36 – 50

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