Your New Name – 2015.07.14

Your New Name – 2015.07.14

You will be called by a new name,
which the Lord’s own mouth will determine.
You will be a splendid garland in the Lord’s hand,
a royal turban in the palm of God’s hand.
Isaiah 62:2f

If you are arguing, you might have all possible, but certainly not a nice name for your counterpart. And if you are in love, you whisper all possible beautiful pet names in your lover’s ear. Names, these are like a "program" like a designation of the characteristics of the other for us. They show how we see the other. My little one I often call "big one", although he is still the smallest. But he is going to be a big one, of course!
Jesus called Simon to His disciples and gave him the name Cephas, Peter, which means "rock". This was not really to see at this time, but Jesus knew that Simon once will become a rock.
God knows all things and beings. For every star He has a name and every little critter He calls by name. He knows the names of millions of human beings and He has a pet name for each.
That’s something very intimate between God and man. Sometimes when I pray for a human, I call him: Beloved of God! Or princess! Or: Loyal, strong hero! Something like that are the names that God has for us. In this name there is so much hope and tenderness, yes, God puts His very love in these names.
He has a very special name for each of us that no one else is knowing. But with Him, in His book this name is written. Your name shows how valuable you are to Him.

Thank you, Father, You know me through and through, and You love me! You call my name full of tenderness. You know my longing for recognition, love and attention and You want to give it to me. Yes, with You I am the man whom You have thought of at my birth. Thank You that You are so full of love and appreciation for me! Thanks for all the good thoughts that You have for me! You really are my Good Father!!

Bible reading today: Luke 18, 18 – 43

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