Your Promise to Me – 2015.01.16

Your Promise to Me – 2015.01.16

Remember your promise to me, your servant;
it has given me hope.
Psalms 119:49
Does God forget the Word that He has given us? No, never. But we humans sometimes forget God’s promise. And then we feel insecure, like a piece of driftwood in the ocean that does not know where it wants to go.
Noah had heard the word of the Lord and understood it. He built a big boat in the middle of the desert, far away from the sea. Everyone thought he was insane, but he hung on to the Word of God. When the rain started, he knew: Your promise, God, gives me life (verse 50) and the people knew that Noah had done the right thing.
God has told you words for your life and you have forgotten or suppressed them because it took you too long or because the circumstances were kind of against it? It’s not up to you, whether God’s Word becomes true. He alone makes sure that His Word is fulfilled. We should hold on to it and focus our life on it. If we make ourselves feel insecure through our thoughts which are full of doubts and still believe the words of other people, we lose the hope that God has given us. Rather do it like Noah, who stubbornly held on to God’s Word and did not allow a doubt: He was rescued when the flood came. God has big plans for you!
Thank you, God, You have not forgotten Your promises that You have given me. You’ve always kept Your word. But, Father in heaven, I often had my doubts and forget Your word. Please forgive me! I will take Your word again and focus my life on it!

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  1. This is true. What happened to me was that even though I did not forget God’s promise but I had to wait & I learned just from my devotion today that God may give confirmation but we may not be successful during the first try or the next, etc. But I believe God is still teaching us lessons through this process. At least now I thank God that it is all clear to me. (based on Judges 20)

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