God’s Secrets

God’s Secrets

Only you can know the secret truths about God’s kingdom.
Matthew 13, 11

God has many secrets! How He rules the earth, how He created everything, how He works in us, how it once will be in heaven… But the biggest secret is He himself. What does He look like? How is He thinking? How is it in His presence, before His throne?
Jesus wants to share His secrets with us, if we want to. The Bible tells us many things about God, that we only learn when we read His book. He himself would like to meet us when we take time for prayer and silence. He is present in our praise and wants to act. He is experienceable, and we can see a lot about Him. And in the knowledge of Jesus and God, we can grow a lifetime and are still not at the end. It is a beautiful and exciting journey!
Some people somehow are immune to God. They can not see or understand Him. For them, everything that has to do with God, is ridiculous. The visible world is enough for them and if really miracles are happening, they explain it with any accidents. These people have a hard heart against God. This is for Jesus, who gave His life for them, very hard. But His Spirit can also soften these hard hearts and our prayers can do wonders with them.
Let us go deeper into the mysteries of God! Then God’s presence in our lives is always visible. The more we understand and see how God’s world penetrates our world, the more we can see everything from God’s perspective. And our lives will be more targeted, focused on Him. We will be more relaxed, because we see the Lord of all things see working. We will have more hope and courage; we will have His consolation; His joy and His peace will rule us.

Yes, Jesus, I want more of You! You are not a God who is hiding somewhere, but who can be discovered. Thank you that You have revealed Yourself to me. I want to see more and more of You and be more and more influenced by Your secrets. You are a wonderful God!

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