Today is the time of grace – 2019.05.20

Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts! Hebrews 4, 7 All the Israelites were supposed to enter the Holy Land from Egypt and take possession of it. But they could not because of their disbelief and the complaining. Their hearts were hardened, they could not trust God and died in the desert. Today, when you hear His voice, when you realize He is speaking to you, when He is standing at the door of your heart and knocking, do not harden your heart! Today is the time of grace, today God wants to be gracious to you, today is today and not tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow will be? Perhaps an accident will happen and that was it then. Maybe God doesn’t want to talk to you tomorrow anymore. Maybe tomorrow there will be so much other stress that you won’t have time for Him. Today. Only today counts. If He is not important enough for you today, what should He think of you? Is His mercy so cheap? Does He then run after you and offer you His grace pleadingly? Today is the day of decision: Let us listen to Him or once again adjourn everything; – then somehow we do not take Him seriously. He stands at the door of your heart and wants to enter. He wants to clean our hearts of sin and filth, purify, lighten, fill in joy and bring peace. He wants to be king today, not tomorrow. Let Him in, ask Him to be your King! Ask for forgiveness for every wrongdoing that occurs to you; – today is a time of grace, today God forgives everything. Today. It may be that God has wanted something from you for a long time, but you could not decide. If today His voice calls again, do not harden your heart, but follow Him. He has good intentions! Leave the responsibility to Him. Go and trust. He will do it well. Thank You, Lord, for the grace today! Yes, You shall be my king, You shall purify my heart and rule there. And I will walk on Your ways. Forgive me, I did not try, but instead listened to my fears. But today I want to go and believe You. You are the LORD!

Who is a God like You? – 2019.05.19

Who is a God like You, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression? … He does not stay angry for ever but delights to show mercy. He will have again compassion with us; He will tread our sins underfoot and hurl all our iniquities into the depth of the sea. Micha 7: 18f What a wonderful God we have! He shows mercy even when there are enough reason to be angry.. He shatters our guilt, throwing it into the sea where it is deepest and forgets all! What a God, what a love! How great His grace for us is! Unmerited grace and love!  How should we earn it?  We only earn eternal punishment. Therefore we are really happy about the forgiveness that Jesus bought for us on the cross. And if this gift seems to be too great for us, if we can not believe it, then He wants to send us His spirit who helps us to accept it. So often the enemy wants to remind me of my sins, rubs them under my nose. But I know, God has forgiven and forgotten! He has released me from guilt. So I make sure, that I myself will not blame me, will forget my trespasses that they do not hurt me anymore. As mentioned above it is the Holy Spirit, poured into my heart, who helps me thereby. He makes it true that I really can forget, can rejoice, feel released from the yoke. Hallelujah, there is peace in me with God! He makes every harm well again. It does not work if I try to do it myself. I was recently really unkindly to somesome, very cynical. Only with the help of Jesus atonement was possible. Nobody should be harmed by us. Jesus, sometimes old evil memories still plage, embarrass,  and hurt me. Release me of them! Help me to receive Your forgiveness, Your redemption help me to believe!  Your spirit can make me happy again! Thank You!

A New Day – 2019.05.18

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 Yes, this is a again a special day that the Lord himself has made for us. Therefore we may rejoice, be happy, cheerful, may praise, sing and dance. Our heavenly Father is there! He is our protection, comfort, and hope. He is our Lord! We want to keep His name holy, do not want to pollute this holy name with evil and blasphemous words. He is holy, we are holy too. His will should be done today here on earth as it is done already now in heaven. We want to pray and work so that all things are done as it pleases God here in our house, in our city, our country and in the whole world. We want to rise up against injustice! His kingdom shall become a little bit more real today. There, where we stay, should be heaven, light, kindness and mercy, joy. Today is a new day! The old has passed away. Our debt is wiped out. God starts with us as if nothing has happened before. And we will do the same with our neighbour. All iniquities are forgiven. We are free! Free of own debt, of our failures, of accusations, and of bitterness. Again I will stick to Jesus today for the temptations are great. I will not give in, will keep in close contact with Jesus instead. Then the evil cannot hurt me. Yes, God, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory for ever and ever! Therefore I can rejoice today, as this is the day the Lord has made – for me! Thank You, my good Lord, the Master of this day. Everything is held in Your strong hand. You keep Your wing over me also today. Therefore I may be free, can rejoice, and be happy.

Mercy – 2019.05.17

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Matthew 5, 7 This morning I remembered how many times I had been merciful, but instead of the thanks I should have received, I had been used. How many times did I help! How often did I lend out things! How often did I receive punishment for someone else! How often have I been conned in shops! Oh, how sorry I can feel for myself! Because: how many times have I made mistakes, yet have received Jesus’ forgiveness! How often have I needed help, and received it from Jesus! How often has He lessened or erased my punishment! How often!!! Yes, He is compassionate, merciful, patient and sympathetic toward me. Thank You, Jesus! I know many people who are unfriendly and moody. Grumpy, prepared to lie and con. But I also see many who are friendly, patient, who overlook mistakes, who forgive, who are compassionate… Oh Lord, I don’t want to belong to the grumps! A hard, cruel king and boss usually has hard, cruel ministers and servants. A patient, compassionate and friendly king or boss usually has patient, compassionate and friendly ministers and servants. He shapes His people! Not everybody allows themselves to be influenced by the Lord’s friendliness, but many, many do! And I want to belong to those. My Lord is patient, friendly, compassionate, and that is how I want to be!I don’t want to concentrate on how often I’ve been used and abused, because the good Lord has already compensated all damages. I want to be like Him: patient, friendly, compassionate.I need His mercy. If He were to treat me the way I treat others, with no understanding of the situation, so cold, bad-tempered and egotistical… what would become of me? I couldn’t live like that. He forgives my hardness and slowly transforms it into godly gentleness, softness, strength and warm-heartedness. Oh yes, He truly is a good Lord! Thank You, Jesus, You don’t see my failures, but rather You see what You can make out of me! Please change me through Your love and mercy and make me patient, soft-natured, friendly, compassionate and faithful, as You are!

A Man of Prayer – 2019.05.16

Attracts the new man created in the image of God in true justice and holiness. Ephesians 4:24 I just want to write about the New Man of Prayer today. When I pray myself, my prayer revolves around myself, my needs, my fears, my diseases, my desires or worries, and how much others have hurt me. Everything I ask of myself. Thanksgiving is quite sparse, and there is no real sense of gratitude at all. Always just me, me, me. With a lot of discipline my prayer might look different, but my egoism is only veiled. Maybe I also pray for others, but only what I wish for them. So sometimes I fight with God to do good to people, to heal them, to save them, or whatever it is. He does my will – that is the result of my intercession. Such a prayer cannot be very powerful. It is somehow like a caricature of a real prayer. That is why it is so important that we attract the New Man, the Jesus Man – that’s what I call him. I give my old, selfish heart to Jesus, and HE gives me a soft, pure, holy new heart, the core of the New Man. As long as I look at Him and look away from me, my Jesus heart beats. He lives in it and determines my feelings, words, thoughts and deeds. He takes up space in me, explores my body, arranges my thoughts and feelings, encourages, gives ideas and many other things that make a saint of God. While praying I learn to be calm, to look at Jesus, to praise Him, to express my overwhelming gratitude, and to see others with His eyes, even to see the difficulties with His eyes. Especially in intercession there are now very positive results because I pray as He wants and not as I would like. The Spirit speaks through me what pleases God and what He has on his heart. How good! Already with the topic prayer we notice how important it is to put on the new man whom HE has prepared for us. It may be that the greatness is not yet right and the suit is much too big. That is so that we can still grow….. Yes, there are no limits upwards! Don’t be satisfied with what you already have, because there is more and more and much, much more! Thank You, Jesus, You are transforming me into Your image. You make me just and holy, even if I do not feel that way. You hear my prayer and sometimes even work miracles. Yes, Lord, I love Your presence, the collaboration with You, the silent and loud oneness and conversation. With you it is wonderful!

Never lose heart! – 2019.05.15

Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid! Isaiah 12:2 I am afraid to say that more often emotions are leading us than a strong faith. When things go wrong it is for some as if a world has collapsed  and great is the despair. But when everything goes well then we often feel so strong that we could tear out trees. True faith, however, is steadfast, does not know fluctuations. Indeed, it often depends on our mental state, whether we can stand failures or not. A man of faith, however, immediately goes into prayers the worse the situation gets. There he finds Jesus who knows his distress and consoles, lift him up again so that he has the courage to keep on going. It is the relationship with the Lord which makes the difference. An emotional man easily desponds. Without God there is no hope. But our Lord is always with us. Jesus is at our side. He shares our problems, never forsakes nor forgets us. Therefore we immediately run to Him in times of need, tell Him everything and ask for His advice, trust Him, receive comfort and encouragement. Yes, prayer is a miracle weapon against cloudy thoughts and discouragement, against resignation and abandonment. When we look at the winner who had overcome everything and not at the problem then all despondency disappears and a way is shown to us where there seemed to be no way. God`s ways are not always ours. I may be certain that He always is in control. He has the last word!  But, I must admit, sometimes it is hard for me to say goodbye to my wishes and to say instead: Your will be done! There are unfortunately so many who are guided by their feelings. God only is the unshakable rock. He does not listen to our quenching.  We cannot bargain with Him. He is our Counselor! I will seek Him always in every situation at work or elswhere firmly relying on His response. He had promised that and He will keep His word. Thank You, Jesus, You are my Lord and Shepherd! Truly, sometimes I despair when things go wrong. But You always lift me up, comfort me, give me words of encouragement. Yes, with You I always will try it again, will trust You also in difficult situations. You are the Lord, who has a solution for every situation – thank You!

Under the fig tree – 2019.05.14

Jesus says to Nathanael: I saw while you were still under the fig tree. John 1, 48 Jesus was with John the Baptist. Many, many people were gathered there. There he called the first disciples, also Philip. Philip went to Nathanael and brought him to Jesus. Jesus said to him, “I saw you before when you were sitting under the fig tree. Nathanael was speechless: How did Jesus know everything? And he recognized: Jesus is not an ordinary man, He is the Son of God! Jesus answered him, “You believe because of such a small thing? You will see much greater things!” All the little things are important to Jesus. He sees Nathanael sitting under the tree. He also sees you when you sit alone at home. He knows the “silent ones in the country”. There are so many who think they have been forgotten or that they are not important. Many do not find their place in the church or family or society. Many feel abandoned or marginalized, on the sidelines so to speak. Maybe Nathanael was also in such a phase: “Nothing has purpose. When will the Messiah come? Has God forgotten about me? Why am I even still alive?” – Perhaps he was so tired of these thoughts when Philip wanted to bring him to Jesus. But you see, Nathanael was not forgotten, he was in full sight of the Lord. Jesus pulled him out of his gloom: “From now on you will see greater things! You will see the angels ascending and descending from heaven! You will see the sky open!” God has more for you. He is calling you out of your monotony and out of your gloom. He wants you to leave this behind and get up and take your place in His kingdom. For example, go into the prayer service, praise God, pray for all who come to mind, stand up for them before God, and never cease to give thanks; thanksgiving is the key to the glory of God. Get up, leave everything behind and go to your work! He has not forgotten you or forsaken you, He calls you by name! Thank You, Jesus, with You I have a future! Sometimes the desolation wants to crush me. But You have me in mind, and You create a way out for me. Life is far from over with You! Thank You, You are the Lord of life!

Wonderful adviser – 2019.05.13

He will be called: Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9, 5 I need an adviser. There are so many things I know so little of, and not many rules in my field that are always 100% the same. It could always be different from what you think, and you have to remember that … It’s hard. That is why I find an adviser irreplaceable. He must warn me if I am wrong. He must show me new ways. He must understand my problems and know a solution. He must be available at all times and a real specialist. It’s not only good mechanics for our cars, or electricians, but we need advisers for all life decisions, child education, school, garden, animals, house …. simply everywhere. I have to maintain this relationship with my specialist. If there is a problem, he does not interfere if I haven’t asked, but he waits until he is asked. But his advice is always correct, so I take the time to talk to him. Sometimes his answer comes quickly, sometimes he tests me to see if I can come up with the solution on my own. But in an emergency he is always there, how reassuring! He does not see all things as closely as I do. He has a lot of patience and indulgence. Yes, if something goes wrong, so what? Doesn’t matter! It will be painted over, so it will no longer be visible ….. Yes, he is right, I am too petty. And with my children? There he gives me the endurance, gentleness, confidence, hope and patience. Why get upset about everything? They’ll soon realise their mistake themselves! And sometimes they need a serious conversation. So they have confidence, become independent and learn responsibility. My counsellor is wonderful. As it says in the verse: Wonderful counsellor. It is my Lord, my Jesus. He really cares, thinks, knows all the solutions and tells them to me (even if it sometimes takes a little while). He can be relied upon. He is a specialist for everything. I need such a counselor in my life! Otherwise there is too much hardship, struggle and loss of energy. Better, just ask the Lord! Thank You, Jesus, You like me, You like being in conversation with me, You helping! You know my worries, questions and problems and You have answers. I can rely on You, You are wonderful, You are my wonderful adviser!

Envy and greed, peace and joy – 2019.05.12

The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans 14, 17 Food and drink, clothing and housing is important. But God wants to provide us with everything if we just listen to him and are not loafers. This text is about obeying all the laws: This one is allowed to eat, that one is not. This one may enjoy, that one is not. The Bible says: All is well, what God has made and what we enjoy with thanks. Do you feel guilty, then rather don’t do it! And: Do not judge others. If they have the freedom to eat and drink, then let them. God is the judge, not you. Do not tear down the kingdom of God because of food! Do not destroy the peace that God gives, because of a dispute about nothingness! For eating, drinking, enjoyment, clothing, housing – all this is nothingness that is consumed and no longer there. But God’s Kingdom, peace, justice and joy are eternal! They are much, much more valuable than anything else. Or you can eat until you have peace and justice? Can you fast until you have earned the pleasure? If I am hungry and go to the department store, I want to buy so much! I need it!! Well, that’s not hard to guess: The greed, disguised as a threat of existence, takes room. Once I was invited for a barbecue. But I was in a hurry in the morning and took only a little bread and sausages with me. The others came with fine salads and thick Shisch-Kebaps, and I chewed my dry bread. What probably went through my mind? Clear, envy, disguised as hunger for justice! As long as greed and envy, hidden deep within us and well camouflaged, govern us – even if they occur only from time to report and open in appearance, – we are not in the kingdom of God with His righteousness, peace and joy. Only when we are really on top of things, His peace can take root in us. We want to bind to Jesus and believe Him for our supply. I have a lot, I am grateful, I have little, I will be grateful. I do not want to compare myself with others! I no longer want to have it all! I want to be satisfied with what he is. As long as the Spirit of God governs me, He silences envy and greed. God’s Spirit puts the righteousness, peace and joy in my heart. Yes, I will! I want to go my way as a function of Jesus, with the Holy Spirit in my heart. I will be grateful, cheerful, confident and without load. Thank you, Jesus, You care well for me!! Thank You, Heavenly Father, that You look after me well! I want to believe in You and trust You, that You are giving me everything I needed. And I want to thank. I will not let myself be ruled by greed and envy that can destroy my peace!

The blessing of forgiveness – 2019.05.11

On my own account: We have to change our blog again. If there is no devotion, have a look on Facebook: Devotions für each day. We try to send the devotions there further. Only the blog is affected by the change. Bless you!! Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Matthew 18, 21 Peter asks Jesus if 7 times forgiveness is enough if a brother sins against him. Jesus answers: Not 7 times, but 77 times. My son had such strange habits, he had probably inherited them, but they almost made me white hot. I could not control my anger at all. And often I had to ask Jesus for forgiveness for my anger. Until someone once said to me: “I have the feeling that you have to forgive someone. I thought and was not aware that I had not forgiven something. But when I was washing the car, this anger came up again and I knew what Jesus meant and whom I had to forgive. Of course I loved it with all my heart and forgave the son that he is the way he is. Since then my anger had vanished. There is no trace left. That was a good lesson for me, because everywhere I met people who can be terribly annoying. Their nature alone made me nervous and angry. And now I could forgive them that they are as they are. Wonderful! This freedom that Jesus gives through forgiveness is indescribable. Not constantly forgiven, but once and for all. To live in forgiveness. Forgiveness as a way of life. Another thing was very comforting for me: Jesus understood my anger and did not want me to have a bad conscience all the time. And that’s why He suggested that I forgive someone for being who he is. Forgiveness is effective. It is not just a phrase, it is not just words. The Spirit of God works on our hearts through our willingness and decision to forgive. He makes forgiveness real, there are not even reproaches left (but with bad things it takes some time to heal). So forgiveness is a very joyful affair and the result is very positive. We become free! Free from thoughts of revenge, bitterness, bad feelings, anger, anger and even sadness. It is glorious how Jesus frees us! Thank You for the freedom, Jesus! Even if injuries hit us and hurt us, forgiveness takes away the bitter taste. And I become free. Thank You for helping me to forgive!