Jesus’ Family

Jesus’ Family

He stretched out his hand toward his disciples and said: “Look, here are my mother and my brothers. Whoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven is my brother, sister, and mother.”
Matthew 12, 49 – 50

Jesus’ mother and His brothers wanted to visit Jesus. But there was such a big crowd of people that they didn’t get through to Him. A man told Jesus that His relatives were waiting outside. He interrupted his speech and asked: Who is my mother? Who are my brothers? And then pointed at the people around Him: You are my family here!
This is no “against” towards His own family. And its no devaluation of Maria and her siblings as well, but an appreciation of His disciples. We clearly distinguish: Here is my family, parents, siblings, wife and children, there are the friends, colleagues and comrades. But Jesus draws all who love Him, into His closest relationship. He longs for all His brothers and sisters! He does not love them less than His Mother and His physical brothers and sisters! Our Heavenly Father is the Father of Jesus, and just as He the father of all brothers and sisters of Jesus! Not a little less! No, for the heavenly Father they are all equally loved and equally worthy.
Check it out, how much the Father loves Jesus. How much He helps Him and listen to his prayer. As they are both one, have fellowship, honor and love each other, not losing sight of each other. Such community Jesus wants to have with us and also His father wants to get His siblings, us, in His presence. He longs for His children! He wants us as His family very close to His heart, turning to Him in joy and sorrow and are happy together, comforting and awardening courage to each other. He does not like the eternal bickering of His children; He has prepared something much better for us!

Thank You, Jesus, now I really am a child of the Heavenly Father! You have chosen and rescued me and made me a brother of You. You are interceding for me before the heavenly Father. Thank You that I can belong to the family of God!

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