2 Corinthians 13, 13

2 Corinthians 13, 13

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
2 Corinthians 13, 13

The bible often refers to God, the Father, Jesus, the Messiah and the Holy Spirit. There are many questions about that! Nobody can fathom this trinity to the last detail, but we want to try to understand it better.
To whom should we pray? When I pray to Jesus, is the Father not “superfluous” or does he feel left out? No, the three are so closely connected that each is happy when the other is worshiped and honored. There certainly is no jealousy! You really are one heart and one soul. Everything what one thinks, the other perceives just the same. There are no secrets between them. There is such a deep bond and warm fellowship that the three really are one unity – inseparable.
When God created the human being, He made a man and a woman. Together, they are intended to reflect the image of God. But one alone is imperfect, unfinished. Only together they comply with the image of God. God has imagined marriage as the lowest form of humans being together, community and familiarity. And where two people grow together over the years, they really represent a unit. In heaven we will all together have such a deep familiarity that a marriage is superfluous. We will be one! Also in meetings one often feels this deep unity and familiarity with each other, although there are huge differences between individual people. But we realize how we are longing for a profound community!
The community of Trinity is even more intense and deeper, as we can imagine. That’s why the Bible can write: God is one!
The Father is our Creator who loves His children immeasurably. Jesus Christ is the Redeemer who has redeemed us and has paved the way to God. By His stripes we are healed and by His blood we are cleaned! The Holy Spirit is working with us today. He is the helper, the friend, the Comforter, the Reminder. He gives His gifts, where He may act. His fruits grow where God is worshiped.

Thank You, Father, You have ordered all things wonderful!! Amazed I stand before You and often do not know what to say. You’re so big, so powerful, so inscrutable! I just can adore You, with words or silent, when words alone are not enough. You are a wonderful God!

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