A happy prayer – 2021.04.18

A happy prayer – 2021.04.18

Then rejoice and rejoice in all the good that the LORD your God has given you and your family.
5 Moses, Deuteroromium 26, 11

God wants a cheerful faith! Not this discontented, hypocritical, stiff faith with a face like ice. He wants to see movement!
That is why God has arranged many feasts where people can be happy about all the good that the Lord does for us. These feasts were certainly very different from our stiff, holy ceremonies and ritual worship services.
He wants us to give free rein to our feelings and forget iron self-control. Of course we should not harm others and let out our feelings at their expense. (A woman always prayed so loudly and quickly and directly into my ear ….. it already hurt me. Another one raised his arms while praying, but it was a dense crowd and his arm only 5 cm away from my nose …. that was too “dangerous” for me). Emotions are good! – He created us with feelings.
It is always difficult for me to get out of myself and to show my feelings. But HE is worth raising my hands in worship. He is worth it that I sometimes lie on my knees. He is worth singing my praises to Him loudly. He is worth it that sometimes my tears come or I have to laugh out loud. He is worth dancing before Him because I am so happy about my Lord. Anyway, I don’t have to sit still and keep an attitude. He is worth it to show him my feeling!
He is worth to be worshipped loudly in the prayer community. I want to open my mouth and not always leave it to others to praise Him, to thank Him and to intercede.
He is there! Wherever people praise Him, HE is the head that stands above things. There the angels stand and form a protective roof over us. And HE Himself feels well with us.

Thank You, Jesus! You are not a distant God, but close to me. How good that You are there! How good that I may throw all my worries on You! How good that I am allowed to be cheerful! You are wonderful!

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