A heavenly Father  –  2020.05.17

A heavenly Father  –  2020.05.17

As a father has compassion  on his children,
so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.
Psalms 103:13

When reading above verses I am thinking of all those who really need the Heavenly Father`s mercy.
There are the many little children, who are lying in bed lonely and have fear in the darkness of the night. How soothing it would be if a loving great father comes to wrap them in a warm blanket, speaks a prayer with them and says: I take care of you, sleep well! He then leaves the door a little open so that some light still can fall into the room.
I also think of all the women who have lost their husbands and now have to do everything alone. How much burden lies on their shoulder with the household and possibly also the upbringing of the children. And there is no one to whom they can confide, on whom they can lean on a little bit. How urgently they need a father at their side with help and encouraging words.
Then there are the many young boys and girls with often heavy inferiority complexes, aggressive behavior who need leadership to find their way. How wonderful it would be if a father is there who understands their situation, gives them helping advices so that they can find their paths, their tasks and gain self-respect thereby.
Who do not need such a father? I am old and still miss him. We all need such a father whom we can contact. Some knows that and other ignore it.
But truly we all have such a father, a Heavenly Father who always is there for us, wants to help us in all our burdens and needs, wants to give us relief in all. Let Him be very close to you then He can comfort you, can change every situation for the better, covers you with peace. This happens as surely as the light of the morning chases away the horrors of the night.
Follow Jesus and God is merciful to you. The way to Him is free. Jesus has paid the price for it. He purifies us, makes us holy. God loves us so much. His valuable children we are, even when we are 80 years old. Glory!

Thank You, Father in Heaven, You are so close to me, so close! I feel Your strong hand on my shoulder. You are my loving Father who is not angry with me. How comforting!

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