A rainbow  –  2019.12.20

A rainbow  –  2019.12.20

God said
I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.
Genesis 9, 13

I’m always happy when I see the rainbow in the clouds. There heaven and earth touch. It is of such radiant beauty as God Himself. God’s whole creation is radiated with beauty and depicts the Creator. He is glorious, and so is His creation!
Sometimes I am saddened because of my unholiness or because many things do not succeed. Then a rainbow comes and I see God’s grace over my life again. Then I can breathe again and thank Him. Yes, He takes care of me through these little things.  They are the signs of His love.
Sometimes I am in doubt because my job requires so much responsibility, the kids need what they are entitled to or I have some plans and am unsure how they will turn out; then I am nervous.  But when I see a rainbow, I am reminded of God’s presence, Him looking out for me and never leaving me. His grace is over me!
If we pay attention, there are so many examples of God’s care and love in all of nature. That makes for a grateful heart. How wonderful He has made everything! And this wonderful Creator, the Almighty, is our closest friend! How much courage this gives, how much joy we experience when we begin to trust Him! Life with Him is amazing!
God wants to put so much grace in our hearts. Gratitude is our part of the work, and gratitude brings with it the joy that God gives. A grateful person is always a cheerful, optimistic person! A reliable and constant person, a calm and serene and above all this stands God’s deep peace.
God can make us into such a person. We only need to let Him work and Him His example in our actions, speaking and thinking. He is wonderful and He wants to make wonderful people out of us!

Thank You Jesus for redeeming us from so much! Also from pessimism, joylessness, hopelessness and dull thoughts! You are really wonderful! Yes, please, make me a person in Your image!

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