Christian Commandments​ – 2019.08.14​

Christian Commandments​ – 2019.08.14​

Jesus said:
“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”

God wishes us to live a free, joyful, and easy life in comfort. He gave us commandments and the spirit to follow them so that we are doing well. Love, however, reigns above all. So God will not condemn us if we for instance do not attend the church service on Sunday but visit instead a needy person to help him, visit the sick to pray for healing.
He certainly does not care about our various food rules as well as about all religiously justified traditional habits. There are so many regulations within the church life as to dress code, seat order, so many debates how to baptize, how to donate. when to sit, when to get up. You can become dizzy by it. God laughs at all that and at our hot discussions of what a pious life style should look like. He wants to set us free from all these traditional regulations, from all kinds of rules which only create fear, put pressure on us. As said above God wants us to live happily, free of constraints and fear to do something wrong. We are His children!
It was not for nothing that Jesus had asked His disciples: When you are guests eat what the host offers you. Impossible when one starts to argue whether God is allowing to eat the served food, or whether it is healthy or not which changes anyway from time to time. What should hosts think about such guests?
Gods commandments are well for us but not always their interpretations.They secure us good life! For instance it is good for us to rest one day in a week provided that the neighbor does not ask for help which then do wholeheartedly without remorse.
The word of God is our command in every moment. His Spirit enables us to meet same. Obeying the law without the Holy Spirit brings death. Jesus in us, His love, not the dead letter, gives us the passion for the law, the power to follow same. His Spirit gives us strength to act as God pleases. We, therefore, need a deep relationship with Jesus to live properly in good health, happily and relaxed, always with great gratitude.  He wants to bless us with that, with a message of salvation and nothing else.
Therefore we have to know His words, the Bible, and apply them correctly as God
s Spirit tells us. His word is not a sword that slays other but with which we lift up our neighbor.

Thank You, Jesus, You gave us wonderful commandments through which You assure me life, a life in abundance. Thank You for Your help!

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