Devotion – 2014.08.08

Devotion – 2014.08.08

The angel also showed me the river of the water of life, sparkling like crystal, and coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb.
Revelation 22, 1

This river is also described in Ezekiel 47. First, it is not deep, the water reaches to the ankle. Later, it comes up to the knees and then to the hip. Now you can’t go further through the stream, you have to swim. Wherever the water flows, everything is healthy.
God invites us to this river, this water of life, because there we are healed. We can wade through it, when the water just reaches the ankles, or we can swim. Some really are content with trying something of the water of life – but we, we are so tired of it! We want to swim and dive in this healing, crystal clear water of life! We can not get enough of it!
When I was at a seminar, we wanted to make an experiment. We should be quiet for half an hour at midday to hear, if God personally speaks to us. I was lying on the grass and felt completely at ease. And I realized how God wanted to say to me: I will always care for you (independent contractors often have existential fears). That were wonderful 30 minutes, which could have lasted longer! It really was as if I was lying on this water of life and let me drift from Him. God wants to invite us to swim. The water carries us! It flushes away all the pain and brings healing everywhere! Even bad memories are healed and don’t hurt anymore!
In the silence we can make this experience – God is true to His word. Let’s give Him ourselves and just be still. Then He will carry us.

I thank you Father, for the water of life! Yes, in You I find healing and in You I can be still. There, on the stream of life, my restlessness and anxiety passes away. You carry me on Your strong arm!

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