Devotion – April, 29.

Devotion – April, 29.

Good morning!!
“Be reconciled to God!”
2 Corinthians 5, 20

This is God’s appeal to us: Be reconciled to me! Become children of the Heavenly Father! Come home to my heart and let you be infected by the heavenly joy and let you fulfill with the heavenly peace! Let God finally be God in and over your life! Seize the righteousness that Jesus brings! Seize the heavenly life and its properties already in this life! Let you fully reconcile to God, in every way! There is nothing that children need more than harmony. From time to time there may be a thunderstorm at your home, but then the sun should shine again. We need this security and harmony that parents give, who stand firmly together. We need the harmony of God’s creation, so that we can rest in it. We need harmony in our relationships and not constant struggle and dispute. We need a job, where people work together harmoniously. We need harmony in our communities, so that the worship of God is not a farce. Harmony, this consonance is our desire. Those who can not live in harmony in any respect, know how important it is. God offers us harmony. He wants our hearts to beat in the same rhythm. He wants to pour out His Holy Spirit in us indefinitely. That is why He has done everything to clear our failures and to free the way to His heart. He stands there waiting for us when we finally come. We want to give up our human opinions about different things and listen to God’s will for creation. We want to give up our dogmatism and let Him be judge. We want to live with and for Him and not for ourselves. He should be our goal and our way. In accordance with God : Who could stand against us? Our heart will be full of peace, full of joy about Him, our Savior.

Thank you, Father in heaven, Your name is: I am there. Yes, you’re with me, because Jesus took my sins away. You’re standing at my side; I can be elated and full of courage. You live in me; I have Your joy and Your peace. With You I can experience harmony in its highest form. How good that You are my father!

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