Devotion – June, 20

Devotion – June, 20

Lord, you have tested me,
so you know all about me.
You know when I sit down and when I get up.
You know my thoughts from far away.
You know where I go and where I lie down.
You know everything I do.
Lord, you know what I want to say,
even before the words leave my mouth.
You are all around me—in front of me and behind me.
I feel your hand on my shoulder.
I am amazed at what you know;
it is too much for me to understand.
Psalms 139, 1-6

When I was young I suffered from inferiority complexes. But this psalm helped me to overcome them! It is about God’s love for me and His appreciation of me. I am really worth to Him! How much effort it must have made to God, to create me. How many small, inconspicuous things must have taken place, and must have put in order, that I may be the way I am. Even before I was born, He has been waiting for me longingly. Then when I was there, He just loved me. Again and again He looked at me and His love nearly spilled over. I didn’t know Him, but He knew me. He decided for loving me as long as I live, whatever may happen. To the end of my life He wanted to be very close to me, to comfort me and to be by my side: He wanted me to find Him. He put my desire for God, for Himself, into my heart. And He really became like my loving Father. He comforts, encourages, gives hope, heals my difficulties and disability, always gives new strength, and sometimes, in quiet moments He is very closes and puts His hand on my head and says: I like you, yes I LOVE you! You are my child. He knows my way and He will guide me. Yes, it’s wonderful to have this God as Father!

Heavenly Father, I’m glad You’re there! Now I no longer need to search a way through life on my own, but You take me by the hand. Together we can run. You are the God-Father who infinitely loves me and offers me a free and unconditional "YES"!

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