Devotion – May, 11.

Devotion – May, 11.

Good morning!!
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind’; and ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
Luke 10, 27

Young children are very selfish. They think only of oneself. They always want the biggest piece of the pie and loudly claim the thickest ice. So parents need a lot of patience! When they slightly get bigger, you have to teach them sharing and mutual respect as well as consideration. First, they need the full attention and confirmation of their parents that they are the most important and that they are loved the most. And out of this security they can learn to share with others and to show consideration for other people.
So it is with us Christians. When I complained to the Lord that so many Christians are selfish, He thought: This is normal. Well, so I again had something to think about. But of course He was right! Small kids are very selfish! God meets them as a loving father who constantly satisfies all the needs of His little children. He is unlikely patient and forbearing with them. And again and again He tries, whether they slowly mature and whether they take care of other people. Please, do not stay in childhood! Grow up and don’t just turn around yourself! The center is God, He is the one around whom everything should turn. And then we can take care of our fellow human beings, just as God cares for us.

Thank you, Jesus, You have so much hope for us! You take care for us so lovingly – we are Your beloved children! Help us to grow up and to become like You more and more. Yes, You are the God I love!

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