Devotion – May, 17.

Devotion – May, 17.

Good morning!!
"Look! I’m coming soon."
Revelation 22, 7

Our desire is Jesus. We want to be as close to Him as possible. At best it would be if He visibly comes back! This is our hope and longing.
When He comes, it’s like a bolt of lightning that illuminates the whole earth. Then He sends out His angels to gather all who belong to Him; – No one will be forget. In the air we will meet Him and are turned into another body. When we are with Him, there will be a big celebration! Then our hearts will sing to Him, our Savior, and we finally will become one with Him. This is a festival of joy!
Who has set his heart on earthly things and who has finely settled down here, or who has an eye on sin, will not feel this desire. But who is suffering under his own imperfection and unholiness here on earth, who hates the injustices of this world, who suffers here and has tears in his eyes, is waiting eagerly for our Lord. Oh, Lord Jesus, come soon!
Yes, He is coming soon! When we least expect it and when the need is greatest, He will be there. And even now He invisibly comes to us, to take us in His arms to comfort us and to give us courage. He knows His children, who He has bought dearly! Not one of them He forgets or leaves in the lurch. Our names are written in His hand, so that He always thinks of us. He is there where His name is praised and where He is worshiped. There, His powerful presence is perceptibly. There He is working and healing broken hearts and infirmity. He is the Lord!

Thank you, Jesus, You come soon! Then my desire will find fulfillment. Then I’ll finally rest in Your heart. Yes, Lord, I am waiting for You! Come back soon!

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