Don’t be afraid – 2016.06.27

Don’t be afraid – 2016.06.27

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
Isaiah 43:1

That’s a beautiful verse! I know it by heart. Every time, when I’m in trouble I remember: I am His; He choose me and He has my back. He delivered me from all evil. He knows my name, He even has a special nickname for me. It looks like I am very precious to Him. He takes care of everything for me – except of that what I am able to do by myself, so I don’t get lazy. Together we can be talking, thankful, joyful, … It is much easier to go through life with someone by my side.
So much is threatening me and I can’t do anything against it. War, failing economy, cancer, and accidents are all in the hand of the Lord. He takes care for me. Most things He already put in place before my birth, so they can’t harm me anymore. He plans so far ahead!
Even if I get stuck by an illness He is by my side. He carries everything with me. He comforts me and gives me joy despite my suffering. His word is the final word in all matter of things – even sickness and death.
It’s great to have such a Lord. What do others have? They have to help themself or have to trust physicians, the government, friends, their boss … Truly, it’s better to put your faith in the Lord.
I am His. I don’t own myself anymore. The Lord decides my way. I know, He will be careful with me. He payed a great price for me – His own son Jesus Christ was crucified for my sin was payed. This way we humans can face God without any guild. Now peace, joy, and lightness of being rules our life. He is the Lord! He is my Lord who loves me.
Thank You for being there for me.
Thank You Jesus, for You have saved me. You payed for my freedom. I am entirely Yours. You lead me carefully with Your strong hand. Together we are happy, joyful and at peace. Thanks You Jesus for You are wonderful!

Bible reading today: Hebrews 11:8-22

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