Evil Talk

Evil Talk

So Moses cried to the Lord, “God, please heal her!”
Numbers 12, 13

Miriam and Aaron had spoken evil about Moses. They searched fault with him, for they wanted to be the leading head of the people as he was. Envy and jealousy was behind their talk. Moses namely had married the wrong woman, which was forbidden by law. But God stood by Moses. Since Moses was more humble than any other people on earth. He entrusted His people to him and talked with him face to face. And now Miriam and Aaron come. But how can they dare to speak evil about the man of God?
Abruptly she developed a skin disease flaky like snow. Aaron turned toward Miriam, saw her sickness, and was terrified. His sister was a living corpse! Whether it will affect him? And soon he went to his brother Moses and begged him to pray for him and Mirijam, so they do not have to bear the consequences of their sin. Moses did not had to think about that for long, but cried out to the LORD for his siblings: Oh, Lord, Heal them! Moses was able to forgive and forget. He could sincerely wish his siblings all the best and stand up for them before the Lord.
Also we will only be free from bitterness and injuries, if we want good for those who sinned against us and stand up for them before God for them. We can learn to look away from ourselves and to keep our eyes on Jesus. If we ourselves no longer take it so seriously, but are secure in Him, the others can not hurt us with their evil words; – Yes because actually they only hurt our pride and vanity. The Spirit of God wants to help us when we are ready.

Thank You, Father, You are my safety! You keep me alive and care about everything. If others speak evil against me, You stand to me. You Yourself defend Your child when it gets too bad. Yes, with You I am safe from the strife of tongues as under a roof! And when the only purpose of evil is, to break my pride and vanity, then I will receive it and look for Your consolation. Because You say Yes to me without any restrictions.

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