God is great!  –  2019.12.01

God is great!  –  2019.12.01

God took Abram outside and said:
“Look up at the sky and count the stars –
if indeed you can count them.”
Genesis 15:5

Abram, later Abraham, had had a big problem. He had everything, was rich, his cattle herds were numerous, but he had no inheritor. God has blessed him with great wealth. He had worked hard for it, but what for? Will a servant of my household will finally be my heir? This question weighed on him leaving him no rest until God took him outside one day into the silence of the night and asked him: “Look up at the sky and count the stars…, so shall your offspring be!”
To look at the sky this means in general: raise up your face, call to God the Almighty, before whom the whole heaven and earth tremble. Look at the Lord who created all, who guides everything, who determines and hold up time. Do you think that any problem is too big for Him? Look first at the Lord with confidence, start to praise Him and then look at the problem with the help of your ever loving Father.
Are you able to count the stars? Do you have any idea how great the power of God is? Do you know His age, the age of the earth?  You only know a fraction of His glory and wisdom. Do you even want to be His adviser, want to tell Him what to do? We are nothing before Him! Everything is grace, undeserved love and attention. He is merciful to us. We should not doubt that.
God does not need our abilities which only cause Him problems in His work of salvation. He decided to work with us, manage and shape the earth by giving us the Holy Spirit who makes us children of God embraced in His arms of love. That is His will!
Just as He solved the problem of Abram without any human effort, He will solve your problem. For He loves you! He is merciful and directs everything well as it is best for you. He is pure Love and choses you! Trust Him totally!

Thank You, Father in Heaven! You care for me like a Father. Nothing is for You too difficult, to help me. You are a wonderful Father. Thank You!

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