God, my guardian

God, my guardian

I raise my eyes toward the mountains.
Where will my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
the maker of heaven and earth.
God won’t let your foot slip.
Your protector won’t fall asleep on the job.
No! Israel’s protector
never sleeps or rests!
The Lord is your protector;
the Lord is your shade right beside you.
The sun won’t strike you during the day;
neither will the moon at night.
The Lord will protect you from all evil;
God will protect your very life.
The Lord will protect you on your journeys—
whether going or coming—
from now until forever from now.
Psalms 121

It may be that we are surrounded by high mountains and we can not find a way out. Mountains of worry and anxiety oppress us. The problems overwhelms us, we don’t find a solution. When we look at these mountains of oppression, we quickly lose courage.
But Jesus is still greater! He has shown His power, when He saved us; – And He will do it again. Nothing, really nothing is too hard for Him! When Israel stood by the sea, the Pharaos army in the back, they saw no way out. But God split the sea and they walked into freedom with dry feet. Yes, God always knows a way!! Also for our problem He has a solution.
He is my guardian. I can relaxed do my work and leave it up to Him, what it will make. He surrounds me when I’m with Him. He encourages and comforts me and gives strength and hope. He gives new ideas and solutions. Oh Lord, help that I always listen to You!
He shelters me eternally. I will never be forgotten. I will never be really dead. He is the God of the living! Yes, I want to live and die with my Savior, in His mighty hand I will hide myself and accept whatever comes. He is my guardian, from now until forever!

Thank You that I have found You! You are my guardian and protector; with You I hide myself when dark mountains surround me. You are much bigger and stronger than they are. I give You my fear and anxiety and take Your consolation and courage: Yes, You’ll set me free and I can accept everything that comes from You. Because You mean well with me.

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