He’s good!!  –  2020.03.28

He’s good!!  –  2020.03.28

Thus says the Lord God:
…and will do more good to you than ever before. Then you will know that I am the Lord.
Ezekiel 36, 2+11

Yes, that’s the way the Lord speaks. Everything that He says happens, He always keeps His word; – HE has the last word over everything.
The people of Israel had to endure heavy judgments, and the neighbors mocked and plundered them. But the fate of Israel will be turned around and the LORD will do them more good than ever before.
Sometimes things are not going so well for us either. There can be times of weakness and illness, or unemployment, housing shortage or tensions in marriage and family. Sometimes the LORD needs it to purify us, just as He prunes the vine to make it more fruitful. Sometimes it is His education to make us strong and mature in faith. Sometimes it is judgment because we hold on to sin.
But God never leaves us to these things forever. He wants to free us from them and bring us to glory. He wants to do good to us all our lives (cf. Psalm 23).
Even from the worst illnesses He wants to free us and bring us to His house so that we can be well again; – He takes us away from pain and brings us to safety.
Our little missionary work has already had several setbacks.  But always the LORD has lifted us up again and done us more good than ever before. We do not know His ways in advance, but we entrust ourselves to Him; – HE is our LORD, who means well with us.
It is like Isaac with his wells. Whenever others disputed him about the well, he went on and dug a new well until he found rest. That well had the best water in the world, living water. The other wells that were taken from him became filthy and their water turned bad. But the LORD opened a living well for him, and the water became living for many. He always gives something new and better after a fight or struggle. Is He not wonderful?

Thank You Jesus, You are alive and Your Word is alive and it is living food for my soul. Yes, I live only through You, my Lord. Thank You, You care for me and make good all harm.

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