Moses was a humble man, more humble than anyone else on earth.
Numbers 12, 3

Moses grew up as a prince in Egypt. But he was very temperamentally and killed another human. God sent him into the wilderness, where this fiery prince tended sheep for many years. There, God formed his character, so that this man got able for God and could Israel lead out of Egypt. God needs more of those humble people!
Humility is a life style, but often a decision. For example, when you take the first step to reconciliation after a quarrel. If one consciously waives his right. If you are doing a job that nobody wants to do otherwise. If you take care of a person who got declined by all others. Humility is the absence of pride, selfishness and good reputation. God wants to make us able for humility!
In the desert, Moses learned to become dependent on God. He noticed, God’s hands, he is safe and secure. God himself takes care of him. That’s why he did not need to do it himself. The proud must always worry about himself, abut his right, about his name, about anything and everything. The believer, who entirely trusts Jesus, knows that Jesus wants to give him everything! – And so he got able to live humility as a life style.
God uses humble people in His kingdom. He entrusts them large tasks. And Jesus is very close to them, to protect them and bring them to honor. Yes, humility is a life style, on which God’s special blessing is located.

Thank You, Jesus, You yourself were humble for my sake. You bent before us people and became our servant, even our sacrifice, to redeem us. Therefore God has lift You up and now You are sitting on the throne in heaven. Lord, help me to follow You and to become humble like You. I know You’re with me and care for me.

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