Joint prayer in unity – 2019.07.07

Joint prayer in unity – 2019.07.07

Truly, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for,
it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.
For where two or three  gather in my name, there I am with them!
Matthew 18:19

There may be many different prayer styles for many reasons. But according to His promise Jesus will always hear those prayers of siblings when they are one in Him. Jesus, however, can not be with them when there is quarrels among them, envy and power struggles, when there is unbelief, or  little faith only as it was the case with the disciples in the boat inmidst of a stormy sea.
Once when we 3 siblings prayed intensively together in a small room, I suddenly felt as if everything around me was full of power. I was sure God in His love heard all our prayers. We were one in Him as a wonderful prayer community!
It is good when there is a preacher whose introductory prayers are supported by all. He watches that everyone prays in turn. Also people who are normally silent and reserved should have the opportunity to pray. One person should not take up all concerns at once, should not pray for minutes that nothing remains for the others to bring before God. The leader who opens and ends the prayer meeting should be acknowledged by all participants.
It is also acceptable that everyone in the group prays aloud to God for oneself. It is essential that you take time for prayer and endure silence. Jesus had assured to be inmidst of those siblings who are together in harmony.
Yes, that`s how we want to do it: Before we start to pray we will forgive each other, thank each other, and then will submit our requests. It pleases God when His people come together and thank, adore and praise Him. Then He will dwell in their midst and will rule with His good Spirit. Miracles happen: healing of soal, mind and body. Intercessions will be answered. God fills us up with His Spirit and talks to us.

Thank You, Jesus! You, Almighty, are present! You love Your people and answer their prayers.Oh, that we would benefit more from your grace! Be always in our midst!

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