Like a strong tree – 2016.08.11

Like a strong tree – 2016.08.11

He is like a tree,
planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in its season,
and its leaf does not wither.
Psalm 1, 3

It’s a beautiful picture, if you see the big, strong trees standing in a river or stream. Who can harm them? They have survived storms, rain, thunderstorms, frost and flooding. They are there for many, many years. Who does not want to be so entrenched and are strong as these trees?
The trees that have a lot of water bring abundant fruit. They fear no heat or drought, its roots go always to the water. No question, the fruit grows in any case! Who would not be as a tree by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and the leaves never wither?
Not only in the trees, even with us humans, is the question: where we are rooted and how strong are these roots. Trees as people need water, sun and nutrients in order to grow and bear fruit. The water is to us the word of God, the sun is Jesus and the Holy Spirit brings nutrients in our lives.
The fruit does not need the tree for himself. They grow for other people so that they are satisfied. Some people are very careless and break off the branches while picking. That hurts the tree, but it is all about the fruit and to the one who is to be fed! So we Christians offer our fruits not for ourselves but for others.
There is a tree of life. Who eats from the fruits, will never die. Jesus offers us these fruits, and we like to eat! They are very sweet, taste great and bring strength, health, joy and life! There are trees whose fruits bring healing. Jesus offers these fruits, so that we are healed from the wounds of life. We need very much of what Jesus offers us!
Most important for us is that we are firmly rooted. Then the tree grows and produces the fruit by itself. We should just make sure that we are rooted in Christ and get water and nutrients. Then we grow in faith and bear fruit that God intended. It is no use to make an effort! God alone brings it.
Thank you, Jesus, You want me to grow into a big, strong and fruitful tree. You care for all nutrients for the sun and water. Yes, with You I can grow and my life can bear fruit!

Bible Reading Today: Revelation 2: 18 – 29

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