Loneliness —– 11/23/2016

Loneliness —– 11/23/2016

You surrounds me on all sides
and lay your hand upon me.
Psalm 139: 5

People need community! When I was young, I did not see that and went on a canoe trip, all alone. But on the third day I noticed an unspeakable joy when from afar someone give me a “good day” wish. And after six days I was completely finished; I wish to be only among men …
For children there is the greatest punishment if they must be somewhere alone. They do everything possible to avoid being alone. Therefore young people get together, so that no-one is alone. Even adults are afraid of being alone. They fear an empty apartment, cannot sleep at night, afraid of the thoughts that invaded …. Loneliness is bad! No, not just bad, loneliness is terrible!! A few hours alone is quite good, but the whole day, the whole week … or even the whole life without a person with whom you can really connect, that’s terrible!
People flee into clubs, into relationships, into sex, pleasure, sport, work and alcohol. Because they cannot stand lonlineses. And the solution is so simple!
It’s sooo good that Jesus is the whole day with me. No matter what I’m doing: He is there. We talk together. He heals my personality of old wounds, that I may be able to have community with other people. For I myself am the greatest obstacle to fellow human community. I am proud, resentful, petty, attentive to my right and to my advantage…. how should someone make friends with such a person? That is why Jesus teaches me how to forgive others. And how to live secure in God. He takes my old sins, so I am capable of community and capable of love. And then he sees to it that I find community. He provides me with other people, and he is in the middle. Yes, this is how it works, we can overcome loneliness!

Thank you, Jesus, You take me by the hand and pull me out of being alone! You are with me, my best friend, I can pour my heart out to you. It’s good to be with you!

Bible Reading Today: Psalm 14

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