My Lord and my God!  –  2020.02.16

My Lord and my God!  –  2020.02.16

I will put my laws in their minds
and write them on their hearts.
I will be their God,
and they will be my people.
Hebrews 8:10

God tried to build up with His people, the Israelites, His convenant by giving them His commandments in His great love. However, the Israelites only obeyed the commandments externally, or even not at all. They, at best, were just pious but did not love the Lord with their heart.That annoyed God very much and He gave them in the hands of the enemy. He then freed them but in the whole they remained stubborn and heart-hearted. They thought that they could earn God`s grace by an impeccable life-style.which they were pride of.
Then God sent Jesus to earth to show His people how the commandments can be fulfilled. But they did not understand Him and crucified Him with the conviction that they were acting in the spirit of God.
But in reality the new convenant came with Jesus, which replaced the old one.  From then on there was time of grace. Even the worst sinners can now be saved. Now everyone needs a new heart in which God can write His laws which will cleanse us from sin. The Holy Spirit makes alive the laws in us so that we can comply with them. The Spirit of God gives us strength to be His children, to be molded more and more into His character. Then there is joy, cheerfulness, lightness, peace, patience, mercy, forgiveness, and hope. With the power of the Holy Spirit we does not want anything else but to obey the laws in great passion. Lies and cheating are out of question because of the Holy Spirit.
Now we are His people and He is our Lord who dwells inmidst of us. That is heaven on earth!

Thank You, Jesus, You opened me the way to God. Your sacrifice was not in vain. You bought me free from the bondage of sin. You let flow into my heart Your Spirit which makes me to be Your child. Thank You so much!

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