My Worries – 2015.05.22

My Worries – 2015.05.22

Leave all your worries with him, because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7

Worries are actually something positive. The Bible has many verses in which it reports how much God cares (worries) about us and for us. But the enemy has twisted the worry – Now we mostly worry only about ourselves and are thus ill.
There is a German saying: Who has nothing to worry about, makes himself something to worry about. Apparently mankind can not help but worrying. But there is the question of what these worries are about.
A woman came into practice due to heavy sleep problems. It began with the fact that she booked a holiday trip to Majorca. But at night the thought came up that it might just be raining. Oh, bad! So she canceled the trip and booked on the sunny island of Madeira. But at night a thought came up: If it rains now in Madeira and in Mallorca there is sunshine …. These thoughts gave her no rest.. She could not sleep and her work suffered from this. There were serious problems.
Of course, we smile about the cares of this woman. But it shows very good that we constantly worry and worry and worry. While my car drives well, it could go broken immediately … The children could crash … If the trip takes place, it might rain … If we have enough money for this month? …. There are thousands of thoughts that want to worry us.
How well, if you find rest in Jesus! Any concerns that revolve only around ourselves, we can throw at Him, because He cares for us. The enemy has no objection. But he immediately throws the worries back to your thoughts, and then everything starts all over again. Then you have to stick to your guns and do not accept the ball of worry again. No, I have unload my worries, they should not burden me anymore! Jesus cares for me! I do not want it anymore!!! – And that we have it a little easier, Jesus gives us the advice: Start to thank! Thanks for the size and care of God. For His strength and mercy. That He cares for and about you for such a long time … There are more reasons for gratitude than for worrying.
If you manage to hide the concerns by thanking God, then you can find peace in Jesus; – It is a matter of trust. Then the enemy is indeed evil, but you have won; – Until next time. But the more you manage to throw your cares on Him, and to leave it there, the stronger you become. And you’ll make good experiences with faith. Because the one who has promised will also keep it: Leave all your worries with Him, because He cares for you.

Thank you, Jesus, You really care for me! This is not based on fate. No, You are happy when I am well and You like to care about me. I actually do not need to do this by myself. How good is it, to have You for a friend!
Todayas bible reading: Psalms 99, 1 – 9

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