Resistance to Injustice  –  2020.10.11

Resistance to Injustice  –  2020.10.11

Consider Him who endured such opposition from sinners,
so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.
Hebrews 12:3

There were so many who shouted: crucify Him! Many stood around the cross and mocked Him, made fun of Him. Many of them had received healing through Him,  consolation and help everywhere but now they have forgotten everything, had left Him alone. This cold hearted indifference must have been the greatest pain for our Lord. He shed His blood for them and they simply disregard it. What a terrible kind of forlornness and ignorance was shown in this attitude.
Jesus did not have an easy time with the people. The world did not regognize Him. The people did not see their distress, their hopeless situation out of which Jesus has saved them. He wept over Jerusalem as He saw its downfall through the Romans. He weeps over nations, families, over individuals and may be over ourselves. He did everything for us on the cross. Why we do not benefit from it and why we do not allow ourselves to be helped? I am the way, why do I stretch out my arms to you in vain? Great is the pain of.Jesus! But He loves us in spite of all.
Yes, what about us? How do we deal with Jesus today?  Do we treat Him as it is pleasing us? Did we understand anything at all? Do we benefit from the fact that Jesus endured all suffering?  If someone looks at us wrongly, we so quickly give up as if the world will end for us. We immediately have sleepless nights when we experience injustice at school or at work. Oh, I know so many people, even Christians who wallow in self-pity. How can anyone treat me so badly! What injustice! What do I have to endure – No, that`s not fair!
Please be aware, self-pity is blocking the healing power of Jesus, makes us unable to follow Him. Pay attention to your thoughts, to your self-talk! Are you a canditate for self-pity? Ask the Holy Spirit to free you from it. Do it now right away! Ask for forgiveness!  I forgive, finished! I follow Jesus, live for Him ignoring my well-being. He loved me first when I still did not know Him.

Thank You, Jesus, You have endured everything for me. Therefore I am ready to take up my cross, will endure injustice as well. I will forgive, as You have forgiven. I follow You even if its hurts, will pay the price. With Your love You have redeemed me.

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