Sexuality –  2020.01.14

Sexuality –  2020.01.14

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.
Genesis 2:24

Sexuality is created by God and therefore it is good. The devil always tries to imitate God’s good gifts and to turn them into something bad and dirty, which of course is not good at all. We Christians want to stay on God’s path, and this includes a “normal”, free, relaxed, God-willed handling of sexuality or avoiding twisted sexuality of the devil and being free of it.
When we look around us, however, we notice that there are many bonds in this area. And when someone becomes a Christian, he often struggles with sexuality. Normal temptations are quite manageable for us, but there are also uncontrollable attachments and addictions. – But: Jesus is the victor!!
The enemy attacks everything that is pure, bright and innocent, because it is a symbol for God. We see it every day in the newspaper: that which is dirty, impure and dark is declared as normal and good. Murder is trivialized. Paedophilia is an attack by evil on those who are pure and childlike. But the judge is not corruptible. His opinion remains unchanged.
The total domination of the enemy over his followers becomes visible through their fanatic and blind acceptance of his word. They can see and hear no other opinion.
I have met women who radiated “innocence” even though they have long lived in sin. I have met men who have lived alone for a long time and yet are satisfied and fulfilled. I have seen forgiveness and healing after abortion. It is possible for God to forgive all those who have strayed, heal all injuries and overcome all addictions. How good for us!!!
Child, wait with sex until you have found the real partner that God has prepared for you.
You bonded ones, whose thoughts and fantasies leave no peace: HE wants to liberate and release you, redeem you; – I have seen how happy and free people can become.
You sinners, turn back from your evil ways! Decide: Jesus or a life of sin; it is not possible to have both. God will bring everything to light … if it is not forgiven before.

Jesus, with You everything is possible! You have set me free and can set everyone else free too! With You there is hope!!

(To be continued!)

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