The Battle  –  2020.02.07

The Battle  –  2020.02.07

As they began to sing and praise, the Lord set ambushes …. and they were defeated.
2 Chronicles 20, 22

This is one of the greatest stories of how the LORD saved Israel from great need. The best thing is, the Israelites did not need to do anything, really nothing, to be saved; – God did everything. They “only” had to lift up their eyes to Him, praise Him and trust Him. And HE did all the work.
The King called a people’s assembly and they bowed down before God, called on Him in need and reminded themselves and Him of all the great things He had already done. A prophet stood up and said: Do not be afraid of the many enemies, do not be afraid of this army, for war is not your cause but God’s. You will not have to fight. Come up and see how the LORD will bring you salvation. – And the king was wise and hearkened to the voice of God. …and he made the singers go forth and sing praises. …and they went forth to meet the enemy. For the LORD had His plan: when they began to sing and praise and to rejoice, He led enemies out of ambush against this army, so that they were defeated. For three days the Israelites plundered the enemy, so rich was the spoil. With loud rejoicing and joy they returned home to Jerusalem and did not forget to thank the LORD who had saved them so wonderfully. The terror of God took hold of all the lands around them and Israel was at rest. So God cares for His people.
It is the same with us: praise and trust, thanksgiving and remembrance of God’s great deeds makes God’s arm move. HE likes it when we trust Him and HE cannot disappoint us. Even when things become fraught with difficulty, HE is always there, comforting and helping. So often praise has discouraged and beaten the enemy. Our heart is full of thanks! If we sing Him and thank Him, our trust in Him grows and He has mercy on us. How good is our Lord!

Thank You Jesus, You do not sit idle on Your throne, but bow down to us. Full of love You look at us and respond to grateful, trusting hearts. You are merciful, omnipotent, full of power and stand by me. Thank You for being with me!

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