The house of my life  –  2021.05.17

The house of my life  –  2021.05.17

Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount:
Whoever hears these words of mine and acts on them is like a wise man who built his house on rock.
Matthew 7:24

“When a cloudburst came and the waters rushed in, when the storms raged and shook the house, it did not collapse, for it was built on rock. But he who hears my words and does not act on them is like an unreasonable man who built his house on sand. Now when a cloudburst came and the waters flooded in, when the storms raged and shook the house, it collapsed and was utterly destroyed.”

This refers to our house of life. What do we build our lives on, what is the foundation? Can it withstand the storms and floods of everyday life?
Jesus does not promise us that there will be no more storms and floods, no more catastrophes. He knows life and knows that everyone is tested. We as Christians will also experience catastrophes. The only question is whether our faith will stand up to it or whether we are soft and unreasonable.
We put a lot of care and hard work into building a house. We examine the ground, hire an architect, plan and do. This takes quite a long time and is intense. But sometimes, for our house of life, we do nothing at all, just let things go.
We should invest more in the foundation! If Jesus, Jesus alone, is the foundation, we stand on a safe place, a rock that holds, no matter how the storms rage.
I like to read descriptions of the lives of other Christians. It is always the case that they had to go through many, many difficulties, but Jesus was their rock, the house of life endured everything. How good! How happy these people are!
I wish you something like that too: a foundation that withstands everything. You will find it in Jesus. Seek Him in the Bible, in prayer, be faithful to Him in everyday life, and He will be your rock, your foundation that supports you.

Thank You Jesus! You have carried me through everything! You are the rock of my life. Even when everything shakes and trembles, You alone stand secure and hold me firm. With You my soul comes to rest. Thank You for being so faithful to me!

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