The name of the Lord  –  2020.02.18

The name of the Lord  –  2020.02.18

No one is like you, Lord:
you are great,
and your name is mighty in power.
Jeremiah 10:6

A dear friend of mine did a lot of sports in her youth, she even participated in the world championship and won many cups. But she had to stop. After one year she came back to her club and she was barely recognizable. She was very disappointed, because she had worked hard for this sport and her club and had sacrificed some years of her life. And already after 12 months everything was forgotten …
This is what it’s like when you follow false gods.
A man had made a great effort for his wife, he did everything for her. But she fell in love with another man. Then his world ended, and he took a rope, – lived in vain.
That’s what it’s like when you serve false idols and false gods.
Another man had built up a large business. For 20 years of his life he worked only for that company. But he met a pretty blonde, his wife filed for divorce, and the business was split up and smashed. – Lived for nothing.
This is what it is like when money and greed come together, when God is replaced by these false gods. Nothing good ever comes of it.
A woman, who had always lived very well and was invited to every party, said on her deathbed at the age of 80: “I haven’t lived at all!”
She had followed false gods, the seducer had deceived her, the liar and enemy of God had blinded her, and she went to her grave without a Saviour. What a life of luxury, and what misery in old age and death!
Only in the name of our Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, can life succeed. Only with Him can we say: Life has been worthwhile, I have a goal that keeps what it promises, I have found a meaning in life.
The name of Jesus is great in power, because HE is alive. HE is not a mirage, not a lie, not a deception. HE is the life, the goal, the meaning, the power, the love, the hope! Every day without Him is a lost day.

O Jesus, how good that I have found You! Please, never let me go again, because with You I will find everything I need. With You alone my heart comes to rest. Yes, there is great power in the name of Jesus!

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