To Praise – 2015.10.27

To Praise – 2015.10.27

Yet You are enthroned as the Holy One, You are the one Israel praises.
Psalm 22:3

Yesterday I visited a church service. During the worship I looked at the parish from behind and I perceived the people as little circles. Most of them red, but some of them blue. The red ones were shining brightly and little flames blazed up from them. The blue ones were cold, but quite a lot got lit by one of the red ones and became red as well. As the flames rose up, strips of silver, like tinsel, started to rain down on the people. As a result the flames became larger and even more tinsel started to rain down. And again, larger flames led to more tinsel. And the tinsel started to change color to gold. Now, everywhere the flames were blazing. And the golden tinsel changed into flames, and it was raining flames. Like a spiral, it became stronger and hotter and the flames became larger until everything was glowing.
God encourages us to thank and praise him! Those are the little flames that rose up from the people. He returns mercy and blessings, since His throne is not one of judgment but one of mercy. The more flames of thanks, devotion, and love for Jesus raise up the more blessing comes down again. Its a synergy between God and the people! This fire is like an oven that head up everything around it. This is how an awakening gets started. The tinsel, that God sends down, are his blessings: unfathomable and heavenly joy, forgiveness, the love of God, mercy, grace, placidity, acceptance, Gods hot love for His church and the people. It brings freedom, joy, love for each other, forgiveness, healing, and everything else we need.
God encourages us to expect more. The silver tinsel was only the beginning. We should not stop moving, but we should keep searching. We should not move away from the presence of God until the oven is truly burning, we should not be satisfied with less. In Him is plenty.

Thank You Jesus, for You will meet us! We will not be send away empty handed by You, but you will fill us with Your joy, forgiveness, and love. With You is the life in plenty! Thank You for meeting me in daily life and for the joy that dominates my life. You are so good for me!

Bible reading today: Isaiah 6:1-8

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