About Pride and Humility – 2015.09.13

About Pride and Humility – 2015.09.13

Brothers, think of what you were when you were called! Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world,…. so that no one may boast before Him
1 Corinthians 1: 26.27. 29

Jesus feels comfortable in midst of the poor, the weak, and the outcast. He came for them! He seeks that what is lost, to save, to liberate and to redeem. His heart beats for them!
The greatest enemy of the gospel is the pride. As long as the Prof., Dr. Dr. keeps his nose upward Jesus cannot use him. Also the poorest of the poor He cannot use if he is proud of little things he once did. In both cases their thoughts are always concerned about them. They like to be better than others. They are in steady competition: Who is the best? – they refer to their deeds.
When a man starts to see himself in the light of God pride vanishes, gives room for humility. The Prof. Dr. Dr. can then sit together with the poor and outcast at one table and listen to him. He need not to demonstrate his wisdom and knowledge any longer. There are many wonderful people who went through the school of humility. They are the ones who build up the community of Jesus today not by their own wisdom but by the power of God. God allows certain illness and weakness in our life to correct and train us. We thereby remain dependent on Him and learn to stay small and modest.
Sometimes He even allows that we fall in sin because we later are much more aware how strongly we need His forgiveness and will not look at sinners with despise.
Let us rather see us in the light of God, then our false pride will go. We then will be humble and can be used by Him. The glory is for God alone and not for us.
In spite of our humility, smallness and modesty we often do not like to accept God`s call who likes to send us. We see our weakness and at the same time the great importance of the mission. He, however, says: I am with you and you will succeed! He starts with the small to build up His Kingdom.
Today we want to see us in His light ourselves. At the same time we want to see the other people in His light, to bless the outcast and the wretched with mercy and love. His Heart beats for the refugees, the asocials, the prison inmates, the orphans,the hungry…. Where is my place, Lord, whereto You send me?

Thank you, Lord. that you did not expel me! You encountered me in love and humility. You adopted me. Now help me that I see myself in Your light and that I will not be proud and presumptuous. Please help me that I look at others as You look at me. And please, here I am, send me to people, who need You.
Bible reading today – Psalm 124: 1-8

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